Amie Squibb

Sustainer Director

Spring 2016 Free Portrait Days

JLS History: New member 2008-2009, 2 years on Board of Directors, 4 years on DIAD (including committee chair), 2 years on Education/Development, PR/Marketing, Nominating, Cookbooks, Placement

Why You Joined JLS: We relocated to Springfield from Tulsa and I had several Tulsa friends who were League members there. It seemed like a great way to network and get to know Springfield – and it was!

Favorite JLS Event:
Advocacy/Lobby Day in Jefferson City

Favorite JLS Memory: In one of my early JLS years, we had an event at Great Circle where we were matched with young people for some confidence building and enrichment activities. I felt a connection to the young lady I was working with and have always hoped that morning made a difference for her like it did for me.

Life Outside the League:
I’m on a self-imposed sabbatical from a 20+ year career in IT/project management to slow down and focus on my 2 elementary aged girls. I currently serve on the Community Advisory Board for FosterAdopt Connect of Southwest Missouri and have previously been heavily involved with the American Cancer Society. I love behavioral psychology topics and believe that if everyone listened to Brene Brown that we could probably achieve world peace.

Fun Fact:
I recently took up gardening as a hobby – even vermicomposting!