Brandi Delleville

Management Director

JLS History:

New Member Class of 2013 – Kids Count Committee Member
2014- Done in a Day Member
2015- Plaid Door Member
2016- Plaid Door Assistant Chair
2017- Plaid Door Chair
2018- Community Impact Manager Elect
2019- Community Impact Manager
2020- Management Director Elect

Why You Joined JLS:

I originally joined JLS as a suggestion from a co-worker. I didn’t really know what JLS was or what they did. Currently 7 years in, JLS has brought so many opportunities and true friendships. I would suggest anyone to give JLS a chance to impact their life as it has my own.

Favorite JLS Event:

I love all of our JLS events, but if I have to choose one I would pick Charity Ball. I enjoy getting dressed up with friends and enjoying a fancy night.

Favorite JLS Memory:

The late nights sorting clothes at the Plaid Door with Victoria and Maria.

Life Outside the League:

I am a wife, working mom, girl mom, sports mom, taxi driver, entrepreneur, and volunteer. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, floating on the river, crafting/diy, traveling and seeing new places.

Fun Fact:

One of my first jobs in high school was working in a funeral home. It was probably one of my most favorite jobs.