Courtney Hayes


JLS History: I was a new member in 2011.  I have served as a member of Done in a Day, Fund Development and Arrangements (Chair).  I have served on the Management Team as Treasurer Elect.  I have served on the Board as Recording Secretary, President Elect and currently as President.

Why You Joined JLS: Because I love to volunteer, I loved the JLS mission and I love people!

Favorite JLS Event: I love JLS Events, they are all so fun.  I do especially love our Holiday and Annual meetings.

Favorite JLS Memory: ODI in Seattle.  Met 2 fellow JLS girls on the airplane and now am blessed to have 2 great friends.

Life Outside the League: I am the Corporate Legal Counsel for AGFinancial.  I teach Business Law at Evangel University.  I love to volunteer throughout our community.

Fun Fact: I have only ever had 2 jobs, a lifeguard and a lawyer.  Oh, and I was a national clogging champion when I was 10.