Jami Moore

Manager of Membership – Elect

JLS History:

I joined the Junior League in 2016, and spent three years on the Public Affairs committee including 1 year as the Assistant Chair, and 1 year as the Chair. I also spent one year on the Nominating Committee, and this year I am the Recording Secretary for the Board of Directors.

Why You Joined JLS:

I joined Junior League for training and development opportunities. At the time, my job did not allow for leadership development or many training opportunities.

Favorite JLS Event:

My favorite JLS is Lobby Day! Every year it’s a unique experience, and I have always walked away having built stronger relationships with fellow League members, and a better understanding of what’s happening in my community from a political standpoint.

Life Outside the League:

I currently chair an Event Committee for another organization, Better Life in Recovery. And, I’ve previously sat on several boards including the Associate Board for Isabel’s House and Association of Women in Communication’s Springfield Chapter.

Fun Fact:

I have had quite a few jobs in my lifetime including some odd ones. I was a Russian dancer when I was nine years old, and the following year I worked as a magician’s assistant (I worked at a couple of shows in Branson, MO when I was younger!).