Olivia Young

Manager of Communications – Elect

JLS History:

I joined JLS in 2018 and started out on the Publications Committee, where I served for 2 years before switching to Webmaster in early 2020.

Why You Joined JLS:

I moved to Springfield in 2009 to go to Missouri State, but never really got involved in anything outside of classes or my jobs. Most of my college friends moved away after graduation, so I was looking for a way to not only get involved in the community, but to make some new friends and meet people.

Favorite JLS Event:

The small group General Membership Meetings we have each year in the fall are my favorite event. It gives you a chance to have much deeper conversations and get to know members that you may never really get to interact with throughout the year!

Favorite JLS Memory:

The Know Your City Tour was an awesome experience. I learned SO MUCH about not only JLS, but these massively important landmarks in the community that JLS has helped to create. I love fun facts and history, so I love being able to share the information I learned with other Springfieldians and anyone that visits!

Life Outside the League:

I’m married to Bryant Young and we have two dogs – Tina and Faye (for Fayetteville, where Bryant went to college). I work at Campaignium, a digital marketing agency located downtown. My JLS placement and job have a lot of overlap, and I love learning more about web development and working on websites in my free time. When I’m not staring at a computer screen, I enjoy getting outside, checking out local restaurants/breweries, and collecting hard-to-kill houseplants.

Fun Fact:

I LOVE trivia/random facts – anytime I watch a movie or TV show I read everything I can about it on Wikipedia/IMDB so I know all of the easter eggs, behind-the-scenes info, if it’s based on a book or comic, etc. I do the same thing with random things like the meanings behind names, what different types of flowers mean (yes, that’s a thing), learning local history about any city I visit, etc. My brain doesn’t ever really shut off!