Samantha Williams

Manager of Community Impact

JLS History:
2016-2017 – Provisional member year, DIAD committee member
2017-2018 – DIAD Assistant Chair
2018-2019 – DIAD Chair
2019-2020 – Provisional Member Guide
2020-2021 – Community Impact Council Manager Elect


Why You Joined JLS:
I joined JLS one year after graduating from college; I was looking to fill the void. I went from being busy and very involved in college to only having to work post-graduation. I wanted to develop connections that would benefit me both personally and professionally, invest in the community, and have a greater sense of purpose. JLS has given me all those things and more! I have held leadership positions, have learned more about our community than I ever knew possible, and have created networks with local organizations that have allowed me to help others in my life who have needed a hand up during some rough patches.

Favorite JLS Event:
The Know Your City Tour is my favorite JLS event. I’ve participated twice now and both times I learned new things. Before Junior League I never knew much about the resources and organizations our community had to offer. On top of that, I never really understood the role that Junior League played in developing and maintaining those resources. The sense of pride that I felt after the tour, knowing that I was a member of an organization committed to making a significant difference, I can’t possibly put in to words what that felt like.

Favorite JLS Memory:
We hosted a self-defense training a few years ago that I was pretty skeptical of going in to it, but let me tell you, I had a blast! I got to kick a guy in the chest and he was totally okay with it! Talk about EMPOWERING!

Life Outside the League:
I am a dog mom of two, a cat mom of two, a Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters, president of my sorority’s alum club in the Springfield area, love spending time outdoors, and with friends and family. Some hobbies include restoring a 1968 Chevelle I have had since I was 15, being a beekeeper of approximately 500,000+ bees, and drinking a good cup of coffee on my back patio every morning.

Fun Fact:
I will be participating in Class 39 of Leadership Springfield this year (2020-2021) and can’t wait!