Sheila Lundberg

Sustainer Advisor, Education & Development

JLS History:

2019-2020 Scholarship: Chair
2018-2019 Sustainer Director, Scholarship: Assistant Chair
2017-2018 Sustainer Director Elect
2015-2017 Plaid Door: Member
2014-2015 Arrangements: Chair
2013-2014 Arrangements: Assistant Chair
2012-2013 Arrangements: Member
2011-2012 Placement: Member
2010-2011 Nominating: Chair
2009-2010 Arrangements: Member
2009-2010 Nominating: Assistant Chair
2009-2010 Placement: Member
2006-2007 Admissions/New Member: Chair
2005-2006 Admissions/New Member: Assistant Chair
2004-2005 Celebrate the Season: Member
2002-2003 Cookbooks: Member

Why You Joined JLS:

I joined JLS after attending Celebrate the Season many years ago! At that time, it was an event to promote Cookbooks. I had a wonderful time that night and met many wonderful women. I knew I wanted to get involved!

Favorite JLS Event:

Charity Ball. I like getting dressed up!

Favorite JLS Memory:

I loved being the Chair of New Members. I met so many people and have remained friends with many.

Life Outside the League:

I am married to Thom, who I met through JLS. We have one cat and many nieces and nephews.

Fun Fact:

I love to host!