Tiffany Nichols

Education and Development, Assistant Chair

JLS History:

I joined JLS in 2019. I enjoyed my time with my amazing Provisional Group that year and was also on the Charity Ball Committee.

Why You Joined JLS:

For years I had interest in joining the Junior League, but finally took the plunge last year and am so glad that I did. I have already made so many friends and have found great value in giving back to the community through avenues that I would not have had if it were not for the Junior League.

Favorite JLS Event:

Know Your City Tour was an amazing event! I learned so much about the ways JLS has contributed to our local community and discovered more ways that I could give back.

Favorite JLS Memory:

Breaking out of my comfort zone on the Know Your City Tour and developing (or maybe forcing…haha) friendships with other like-minded, strong, and intelligent women.

Life Outside the League:

The past 11 years I have worked for State Bank of Southwest Missouri in many different capacities. I love the place and the people I get to work with and they make my job fun. My husband, Ben, and I live right outside the city with our two dogs, Gary and Pearl, and our 89 year old Grandmother. We enjoy the solitude and peace that our home brings us and enjoy being around our property working or just relaxing together. Our free time is filled with fitness, taking weekend trips to so many nearby getaway treasures in the Ozarks, and movie watching. I currently serve on the Board of Directors of Dynamic Strides Therapy and find a lot of joy being involved with various nonprofits in Springfield.

Fun Fact:

I can squat over 325 pounds.