New Membership

New Member Year: August 2019 – April  2020

DOWNLOAD: New Member Calendar 2019-2020

New Member Commitments

New Members are members in their first year of League service. New Member commitments are the following:

  • Attend all 5 New Member Meetings
  • Attend New Member Orientation
  • Attend Know Your City Tour
  • Attend JLS Board Meeting
  • Attend a minimum of (4) General Membership Meetings
  • Complete (1) Done in a Day Project (DIAD)
  • Fundraising Committments:
    • Give a total of six (6) hours of fundraising support to Fall Home Tour (formerly Tour of Kitchens), Plaid Door, Shop.Savor.Bid, or Charity Ball. Must be volunteer support, not support through participation or attendance.
  • Fulfill (2) Training Credits
  • Fulfill Placement Commitment

Financial Requirements

Member Fee
$60 due by July 19, 2019 (non-refundable)

Membership Dues
$125 due by August 3, 2019

Plaid Door
Donate $100 of merchandise to The Plaid Door


We’d be happy to help. Please email Ashley O’Sullivan at .

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Updated 6/11/2019