JLS Leadership


JLS Staff Members

Executive Administrator

Elizabeth Schlueter-Davis

Financial Administrator

Leah Peebles


Board of Directors


President President-Elect Treasurer Secretary
Courtney Hayes Allison Robertson Michelle Vespa Jami Moore
Sustainer Advisor Sustainer Advisor Sustainer Advisor Sustainer Advisor
Crista Hogan Kathy Steinberg Cinda Rogers Katie Moore


Management Director Nominating Chair Parliamentarian
Mary Bozarth Maria Stockton Rachel Weinhaus
Sustainer Advisor Sustainer Advisor Sustainer Advisor
Susie Turner Andrea McKinney Michelle Moulder
At Large Actives
Stephanie Hesser Stacy Schneider Carrie Brown Rachel Fuhrman
At Large Sustainers
Heather Trinca Sandy Howard
Sustainer Director
Lisa Yoakam

Management Team

Management Director Management Director-Elect Treasurer-Elect Sustainer Director-Elect
Mary Bozarth Brandi Delleville Rebecca Barrientos Amie Squibb
Sustainer Advisor Sustainer Advisor Sustainer Advisor
Susie Turner Stephanie Montgomery Camille Lockhart


Manager of Communications Manager of Community Impact Manager of Finance Manager of Membership
Emily Letterman Bridget Lovelle Amanda Hake Millie Schuchmann
Manager of Communications Elect Manager of Community Impact Elect Manager of Finance Elect Manager of Membership Elect
Katie Cosby Samantha Williams Lacee Blunt Christy Howell
Sustainer Advisor Sustainer Advisor Sustainer Advisor Sustainer Advisor
Catherine Goodnight Carol Wooten Krystal Russell Morey Mechlin

Councils & Committee Chairs

Communications Council

Publications Public Relations/Marketing Webmaster
Andrea Gill, Chair Kimberly Maddox, Chair Olivia Young, Chair
Amanda Johnson, Assistant Chair Ashley Cross, Assistant Chair Lisa Longwell, Assistant Chair
Martha Crise, Sustainer Advisor Jennifer Murphy, Sustainer Advisor Sustainer Advisor TBD

Community Impact Council

Done in a Day Project Review & Development Public Affairs Kids Count Scholarship
Elizabeth Fax, Chair Ashley Silva, Chair Paige Viehmann, Chair Laura Farmer, Chair Lori Rook, Chair
Megan Evans, Assistant Chair Victoria Sprenger, Assistant Chair Marisa Vasquez, Assistant Chair Bethany Talley, Assistant Chair Stephanie Hohenshell, Assistant Chair
Susy Barr, Sustainer Advisor Jane Patterson, Sustainer Advisor Jan Fisk, Sustainer Advisor Darlene Rea, Sustainer Advisor

Finance Council

Administration Charity Ball Donor Relations Fund Development Fall Home Tour
Jenny Owen, Chair Rebecca Perkins, Chair Rachel Fortenberry, Chair Ashley Feliu, Chair Terri Copeland, Chair
Hannah Patterson, Assistant Chair Sharesa Parker, Assistant Chair Assistant Chair TBD Bridget Barclay Sudol, Assistant Chair Emily Hertzog, Assistant Chair
Mary Keyes, Sustainer Advisor Stephanie Weiss, Sustainer Advisor Marci Bowling, Sustainer Advisor Lori Murawski, Sustainer Advisor Sustainer Advisor TBD

Plaid Door

Morgan Brock, Chair

Sebra Butler, Chair

Carie Calvery, Chair

Kendal Bengsch, Assistant Chair

Tanner Lantz, Assistant Chair

Julia McGuire, Assistant Chair

MaryLou Foss, Sustainer Advisor

Membership Council

Arrangements Education & Development Provisional Member Placement
Christy Howell, Chair Brittany Zachary, Chair Elyse Hartley, Chair Stephanie Hoeman, Chair
Hannah Dunville, Assistant Chair Tiffany Nichols, Assistant Chair Laine Scholz, Assistant Chair Jamie Wilcox, Assistant Chair
Susan Gelner, Sustainer Advisor Sheila Lundberg, Sustainer Advisor Dena Dill, Sustainer Advisor Jane McElvaine, Sustainer Advisor