JLS Organization


JLS Staff Members
Elizabeth Schlueter-Davis
Executive Administrator

Leah Peebles
Financial Administrator

President Mary Kromrey
President-Elect  Tammy Dixon
Management Director  Kim Garwitz
Management Director-Elect  Casey Chasteen
Manager of Communications Rachel Fuhrman
Manager of Communications Elect Kellie Revoir
Manager of Community Impact Allison Robertson
Manager of Community Impact Elect Mary Graham
Manager of Finance  Nikki Holden
Manager of Finance Elect Stephanie Hesser
Manager of Membership  Jacquelyn Coones
Manager of Membership Elect Emily Coulter
Recording Secretary Taylia Leeper
Treasurer Meredith Bosso
Treasurer-Elect Courtney Hayes
Past President Angi Blevins
Parliamentarian Nicole Hutson


Communications Council

Publications Bridget Lovelle
Public Relations Ashley Clair
Digital Media Kylie Wright


Finance Council

Administration Dana Holt
Charity Ball Amanda Hake
Plaid Door Brandi Delleville & Jennifer Dancy
Donor Relations Brittany Waugh
Fund Development Cris Swaters
Tour of Kitchens Clarissa Young


Community Impact Council

Done In A Day Amie Squibb
Project Review & Development Sativa Boatman-Sloan
Public Affairs Sally Milligan
Kid’s Count Kristin Riedy
Scholarship Liz Conner
Homeless Youth Committee  Dena Dill


Membership Council

Arrangements Amy Steele
Education & Development Stephanie Williams
New Member Heather Marshall
Nominating Caitlin Kissee
Placement Allison Anbari
Sustainer Director Michelle Moulder
Sustainer Director Elect Sheila Lundberg