JLS Leadership

Junior League of Springfield Board of Directors, Management Team, & Committee Chairs for 2022-2023.

JLS Staff Members

  • Executive Administrator: Elizabeth Schlueter-Davis
  • Financial Administrator: Leah Peebles

Board of Directors


  • President: Casey Chasteen
  • PresidentElect: Christy Howell
  • Treasurer: Stephanie Hesser (Rauch)
  • Secretary: Victoria Sprenger (Moger)


  • Management Director: Millie Schuchmann
  • Sustainer Director: Holly Beadle
  • Nominating Chair: Rachael Mhire
  • AtLarge Actives: Kate Bauer, Tara Benson, Micheala Steinmetz-Benton, Demetra Gentrey
  • AtLarge Sustainers: Ann Marie Baker, Linda McAllister
  • Parliamentarian: Rachel Hopper Fortenberry

Management Team

  • Management Director: Millie Schuchmann
  • Management DirectorElect: Samantha Williams
  • TreasurerElect: Mary Bozarth
  • Sustainer DirectorElect: Jennifer Growcock
  • Manager of Communications: Liv Young
  • Manager of CommunicationsElect: Brittany Zachary
  • Manager of Community Impact: Ashley Silva
  • Manager of Community ImpactElect: Tanner Lantz
  • Manager of Finance: Morgan Boyd
  • Manager of FinanceElect: Emily Hertzog
  • Manager of Membership: Jami Moore
  • Manager of MembershipElect: Tiffany Nichols

Councils & Committees

Communications Council

  • Publications Chair: Lisa Longwell
  • PR/Marketing Chair: Brittany Pratt
  • Webmaster Chair: Lauren Troy

Community Impact Council

  • Done In A Day Chair: Daphne Stewart
  • Project Review & Development Chair: Allison Gregory
  • Public Affairs Chair: Victoria Marszalik

Finance Council

  • Administration Chair: Meredith Bosso
  • Charity Ball Chair: Alex Sheppard
  • Fall Home Tour Chair: Ashley Feliu Rivera
  • Founders Fund Co-Chairs: Morey Mechlin & Heather Trinca
  • Fund Development Co-Chairs: Jessica Harmison-Olson & Emma Sherrell
  • Plaid Door Co-Chairs: Erin Coulter, Megan Kilmer, & Austen McGranahan

Membership Council

  • Arrangements Chair: Laura Allen
  • Education & Development Chair: Jennifer Chastain
  • Provisional Member Chair: Shyra Whalon
  • Placement Chair: Ryanne Hoos