COVID-19 Guidelines

The protection of our members and our community are our top priority. This begins with ensuring the safety and welfare of our League members to enable us to better lead, train and fulfill our mission.

Protection & Prevention

  1. The Junior League of Springfield leadership will make every effort to monitor the most up-to-date info of the city regulations and recommendations related to COVID-19 and will adjust our policies accordingly.
  2. Members are encouraged to adhere to CDC recommendations related to virus transmission, such as mask-wearing; maintaining 6 feet apart for social distancing, 3 feet if masks are worn; self-isolating for 14 days after visiting COVID-19 hot spots, defined as any area with more than 300 cases per 100,000 population*; frequent hand washing; properly covering coughs and sneezes, and refraining from touching your face.
  3. All surfaces in the JLS meeting rooms and bathroom surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected before and after events. Sanitizing products can be found under the kitchen sink in the JLS office and must be returned to this location after each use. Hand sanitizer is recommended at all events on and off-site.

Communication & Signage

  1. Internal signage will be posted in the JLS building to alert and remind members about guidelines, expectations and responsibilities.
  2. External signage will be on doors alerting visitors to restrictions on entry and movement in and around the facility as well as any applicable guidelines and expectations.

In-Person Event Recommendations 

  1. We want to be sensitive to the fact our members have a different comfort level with the virus, and make sure to respect those feelings and accommodate where we can.
  2. JLS leadership is open and flexible regarding meeting remotely to protect all members. Members are encouraged to utilize alternate means of communication as opposed to face-to-face meetings, such as Zoom, phone, email or text when possible. If in-person meetings or events can be held outside, this is preferable. Feel free to utilize the League Zoom account for virtual meetings. Please contact Board Secretary Jami Moore to schedule; or you may create your own free account that will allow up to a 45-minute meeting. 
  3. When conducting in-person on-or-off-site meetings, please do so in a well-ventilated area that will allow for social distancing. Masks will be worn at any in-person meetings except for temporary removal for actively eating or drinking so long as 6 feet of social distancing can be maintained. If you plan to serve food, please pre-plate items or serve food to attendees, to reduce risks associated with sharing any serving utensils.

Monitoring Member Health: If you feel ill and possess any of the COVID-19 symptoms – fever greater than 100.4, cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing – or have visited a COVID-19 hot spot within the last 14 days, please stay home.

Thank you, for your understanding and patience during this time as we continue to discover how best to provide care and compassion to our members and community.