Community Projects

The Junior League of Springfield (JLS) leverages its resources to address issues of need in our community. Historically, JLS focused on child abuse and neglect due to the alarming rates of child abuse in Greene County that far exceed the state average. JLS has widened its impact in recent years to also focus on the needs of underserved and disadvantaged women and children in our community. The Junior League will impact these issues through advocacy, direct service, and volunteer time. We will collaborate with local experts and organizations to develop strong intervention programs, raise community awareness, and be part of the solution.

JLS Current Projects 2023-24

In the 2023-2024 league year, JLS will contribute volunteer hours and financial support to the following projects:

Better Block

Better Block SGF was modeled after the Better Block Foundation in Dallas, TX. The foundation began when a group of neighbors asked, “What if WE could fix our block?” Since 2015 they have partnered with communities across the country to create better blocks, and we are proud to continue their efforts here in Springfield, MO. Better Block SGF empowers individuals to reimagine the built environment to build a better city, one block at a time. JLS members will construct a “hub” and organize a pantry. This program uses a community fridge concept to provide fresh and locally grown foods to neighborhood residents. This is the first of its kind in the area but the idea has seen success in other communities around the country.

Boys and Girls Club 

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield provides programs that guide and direct youth from all backgrounds, particularly those from at-risk environments. Through social, physical, and educational development activities, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield teach youth the values of life, strengthen their self-esteem, and make them better citizens of our community. JLS volunteers will provide support for the yearly Girl Empowerment Movement (GEM) Summit, to celebrate women and inspire confidence in female members of the Boys & Girls Club of Springfield.

Child Advocacy Center

The Child Advocacy Center serves and supports neglected and abused children of Southwest and South Central Missouri. In coordination with the Missouri Children’s Division and law enforcement, as well as medical and mental health professionals, the Child Advocacy Center utilizes a best practices approach hat provides accessible and timely forensic interviews, medical exams and counseling services, in a safe, child-friendly environment. Through the Comfort and Care project, JLS volunteers will have the opportunity to make fleece comfort blankets for abused children. JLS Members will make comfort items that are given to children and teens that visit CAC

I Pour Life

I Pour Life assists in celebrating the achievements of youth in the I Pour Life Program. JLS will assist approximately 200 homeless and at-risk youth aging out of children’s services (50 at each event). JLS volunteers will provide support at impact events for Life Strengths. Volunteers at impact events will provide opportunities for youth to network, expand on life skills development (thank you card writing, dinner, and first impressions) as well as providing JLS volunteers the opportunity to make a valuable connection with youth. Life Strengths Impact Events would occur in the context of a lesson like “Dining Etiquette,” “Personal Hygiene and Hair Care,” “Baking or Grilling Class,” or “Resume Building and Interview Skills”.

Updated July 16, 2023