Diversity & Inclusion

The Junior League of Springfield has taken the first steps towards increasing cultural consciousness within our membership. 


During 2017-2018 league year, we adopted the following commitment statement: 

Diversity & Inclusion Statement: The JLS welcomes all women who value our Mission. We are committed to inclusive environments of individuals, organizations and communities. 


During the 2018-2019 league year: 

  • JLS board members completed an initial board / leadership assessment
  • JLS Board of Directors created a Diversity & Inclusion task force


During the 2019-20 league year:

  • Members of the task force met and worked together to identify a starting point for JLS.
  • A diversity survey was created, conducted and completed during the beginning of the league year. The results of this survey were shared with the board and the task force.
  • Members of the D&I task force met with Francine Pratt, former president of Missouri’s Springfield NAACP chapter. Francine is spearheading several diversity and inclusion projects within the community and has also worked closely with the Junior League of Springfield on past projects. The task force worked with Francine to create a plan for JLS and its D&I  journey. 
  • The task force planned and announced a series of workshops for membership to work towards increasing the league’s cultural consciousness. The goal of these workshops is to create a welcoming and open environment for all current and future league members. 
  • When the COVID pandemic occurred, JLS identified and incorporated a D&I lens when working with all levels of leadership, including the executive, council, and committee levels.
  • The first workshop was held in February 2020. The remaining workshops were put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the task force looks forward to continuing these efforts during the 2020-21 League year.
  • Released A Message From JLS Leadership reaffirming our commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. Provided resources specific to racism and personal development.



  • August 2020: Language Lingo Discussion: JLS Sustainer and Past President Crista Hogan and her husband, Abram McGull, an individual who is Black and a member of Springfield City Council
  • August 2020: Discussion with the Springfield Chief of Police, Paul Williams, to discuss current issues facing the police department and issues surrounding diversity
  • December 2020: Understanding Workshop with Francine Pratt. Using the information identified at the Awareness workshop, JLS will determine areas of focus to change internal operations in the Junior League.
  • January 2021: Change Readiness Workshop with Francine Pratt- focused on learning about bias and understand more about “racially minoritized people”
  • March 2021: Process for Inclusion Workshop with Francine Pratt – JLS will watch The House You Live In and learn the foundation for implementing the Inclusive Excellence Model.