Rebecca Barrientos


JLS History:
Provisional year was 2015-2016 was on Charity Ball my provisional year, then was on the Plaid Door Committee for three years (2016-2019) and was on the Provisional Committee for 2019-2020 as a New Member Guide. In 2019-2020, joined the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force. This is the first year that I am holding a leadership position which I am really excited to be a part of the management team!

Why You Joined JLS:
I joined JLS to be more involved in our community and to also meet new people. A coworker who was a JLS member convinced me to go to an informational session to see what JLS is all about. I really had no idea how much JLS is involved in our community until the Know our City Tour. That was one of my favorite events as I learned so much on that trip and the impact JLS has on the community.

Favorite JLS Event:
One of my favorite events is the OTC Middle College. I love participating in that event every year. I love getting to know the girls from the OTC Middle College that come to the event and hearing their stories. It is an event where we help them shop for clothes at our Plaid Door, but it is more than that. We end up being mentors to them while they shop and get to hear their background, their barriers they are trying to overcome and how hard they are working for their goals and dreams.

Favorite JLS Memory:
Someone once told me that you get out of JLS what you put in. I really took that to heart and truly believe that as well. I have met some great ladies in JLS that are really good friends. In order to enjoy what you are doing at JLS, you have to put in effort, but it is worth it. I really enjoy what we are doing and seeing the impact we make in our community. The work JLS has done over the years is incredible!

Life Outside the League:
I work at BKD, LLP as an audit Senior Manager and work with health care clients. I love to travel and most of my clients are across the nation. Currently, I am a board member of the Ozarks Health Advocacy Foundation. I joined in the summer of 2019 and am the treasurer on the board. I love to travel!! I am always looking to traveling to new places. I had planned for my first out of country trip this summer to Europe, but canceled the trip due to COVID.

Fun Fact:
I got to see a live Jimmy Fallon show taping last year in New York City. I have a baby brother and we are 19 years apart! I speak two languages – Spanish & English. Was raised speaking Spanish and my school in Chicago was all Spanish. I did not know any English until we moved to Missouri when I was 8 years old.