Susan Gelner

Arrangements Committee, Sustainer Advisor

JLS History:
Joined in the early 80s.  Served on various committees with my favorite the Cookbook Committee. Became a Sustainer in 1988.
Why you joined JLS:
Become involved in the community and to meet other women.
Favorite JLS event:
Attending the Charity Ball.  Especially the year my daughter in law was Chairman.
Favorite JLS memory:
The friends I have made over the years from being a Provisional to an Advisor.
Life outside the League:
Have been married for 51 years.  Have 2 sons and 4 grandchildren.  Basically retired so get to do only what I want which usually involves travel, reading, boating or spending time with family.
Fun Fact:
Am a charter member of the first Sustainer Book Club which was started in 1997.