JLS Announces 2017-2018 Board of Directors and Management Team

On June 1st, 2017, the Junior League of Springfield (JLS) installed new officers, board members, and management team members for the 2017-2018 year. JLS adopted a new governance structure that saw the creation of a Board of Directors and a Management Team. JLS will begin operating under this new governance structure for the 2017-18 League year. The Board of Directors will oversee and guide the League’s long term goals while the Management Team will manage the day to day operations.

The following individuals will comprise the 2017-18 JLS Board of Directors’ Officers:

  • Mary Kromrey, President
  • Tammy Dixon, President-Elect
  • Talyia Leeper, Secretary
  • Meredith Bosso, Treasurer

The following individuals are 2017-18 JLS Board Members:

  • Kim Garwitz, Management Director
  • Michelle Moulder, Sustainer Director
  • Caitlin Kissee, Nominating Chair
  • Angela Blevins, Jennifer Growcock, Catherine Bass-Black, Lori Murawski, At-Large Members-Active
  • Susie Turner and Heather Goller, At-Large Members-Sustainers

The following individuals will comprise the 2017-18 JLS Management Team:

  • Kim Garwitz, Management Director
  • Casey Chasteen, Management Director-Elect
  • Rachel Fuhrman, Manager of Communications
  • Kellie Revoir, Manager of Communications-Elect
  • Allison Robertson, Manager of Community Impact
  • Mary Graham, Manager of Community Impact-Elect
  • Nikki Holden, Manager of Finance
  • Stephanie Hesser, Manager of Finance-Elect
  • Jacquelyn Coones, Manager of Membership
  • Emily Coulter, Manager of Membership-Elect
  • Shelia Lundberg, Sustainer Director-Elect
  • Courtney Hayes, Treasurer-Elect

Current JLS membership totals 598 members that are committed to upholding our mission.