JLS is Seeking New Members for the 2024-2025 League Year

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A note from Tara Benson – Current Co-Leader for the JLS Provisional Class of 2023-2024

“Early in my Junior League membership years, I was given the opportunity to attend an Organizational Development Institute (ODI) sponsored by the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI). There, I met a number of women working their way into leadership roles within their local leagues and hearing from long time members giving us their greatest advice. One speaker said words that resonated with me and still do. “Junior League was never a waste of my time”. Those words still ring true today. I have do not regret joining or being an active member of Junior League for 13 years. I have met some great women, connected with the community and leaders in ways I never expected, learned valuable leadership skills I use in my job and in other community roles. Everyone’s journey as a member may look different, but the opportunities are present to make big changes for yourself, your community and your life if you are willing to step into some unknowns.
As a provisional member, we aim to make the unknowns known through an educational series of meetings, events and projects. You along with other new members will get to know one another while serving on a JLS committee. One of our most popular provisional member events is the Know Your City tour where we go on a tour of Springfield and hear about all the ways Junior League has impacted our community. Plus, there is always time for a social gathering at a local coffee shop, making crafts or a Little Debbie Wine Pairing Party.
If you are ready to try something new, get into something a little unknown and have some fun while learning new skills, then JLS is for you. Please e-mail provisionalmember@jlspringfield.org to get on our interest list for upcoming events and socials.”
Check out the Join JLS page for information on upcoming informational meeting information as well as to complete a Member Interest Form